Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 10:30am-9pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 11am-9pm


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for home delivery contact:

​LABites.com or call 17607768888 (ask the operator for details)

  ​Fresh Chinese cuisine.

                                 express meals

​                                               served w/ fried rice and Lo Mein

​                            your choice below of 1 item is $8.55 and 2 items being $9.55

cashew chicken                                sesame chicken       Kung Pao chicken (spicy)

​Sweet & Sour chicken or pork     Teriyaki chicken     chicken Chow Mein

​almond chicken                               chicken w/ BBQ sauce  

​beef w/ broccoli                          Curry chicken         sautéed vegetables

​General Tso's chicken                     deep fried shrimps & Egg Rolls

​orange chicken                                beef pepper steak

                             Family Packs​ (minimum order is for 2 people; price listed is per person)

Dinner A: $12.95 per person

​deep fried shrimps & Egg Rolls     Sweet & Sour Pork     chicken Chow Mein     pork fried rice

​for a 3rd person we add on Kung Pao chicken (spicy)

for a 4th we offer sesame chicken

Dinner B: $13.95 per person

​deep fried shrimp & Egg Rolls     Paper Wrapped chicken     cashew chicken     Sweet & Sour chicken     chicken fried rice

​w/ 3 people we add on beef broccoli

for 4 we offer shrimp w/ snow peas

Dinner C: $14.95 per person

​deep fried shrimp & Egg Rolls     Paper Wrapped chicken     Crab Rangoons     orange chicken     mushroom chicken     shrimp fried rice

​a 3rd person will have offered beef pepper steak

​for 4 people will cook Kung Pao shrimp (spicy)

                         House Special Meals

​                                          comes w/ fried rice and Lo Mein

​deep fried shrimps (10 pieces)                     $8.95

​shrimp Chop Suey or Chow Mein              $8.95

​shrimp w/ snow peas                                  $8.95

​shrimp w/ lobster sauce                             $8.95

Kung Pao Shrimp (spicy)                          $8.95

​shrimp w/ garlic sauce (spicy)                   $8.95

Mongolian shrimp                                      $8.95

shrimp w/ broccoli                                     $8.95

chicken w/ broccoli                                    $7.95

chicken w/ garlic sauce (spicy)                 $7.69

​Jalapeno chicken or beef                           $7.69

​beef pepper steak or chicken                    $7.69

mushroom chicken                                    $7.69

Mongolian beef or chicken (spicy)           $7.69

Szechuan style pork or beef (spicy)        $7.69

​beef Chow Mein or Chop Suey                $7.69