​              large sizes all come w/ complimentary pint size steamed white rice

                                          chicken entrees

​                                         all dishes are priced at $6.25 for a pint amount or $9.25 for a quart

chicken w/ broccoli

Mongolian chicken (spicy)

​chicken w/ snow peas

chicken Chop Suey or Chow Mein

​chicken w/ Jalapeno chili peppers (spicy)

​Kung Pao chicken (spicy)

​cashew chicken

Teriyaki chicken

orange chicken

​sesame chicken

General Tso's chicken (spicy)

chicken w/ garlic sauce (spicy)

​Szechuan style chicken (spicy)

                                           Seafood dishes

                                       prices are $7.25 for a pint; $9.95 for a quart unless otherwise listed

shrimp w/ snow peas

Curry shrimp (spicy)

​shrimp w/ broccoli

​shrimp Chop Suey or Chow Mein

Szechuan Shrimp

​shrimp in lobster sauce (spicy)

Moo Shu shrimp

cashew shrimp

Kung Pao shrimp (spicy)

​shrimp w/ Jalapeno chili peppers (spicy)

shrimp w/ garlic sauce (spicy)     $7.95 or $10.95

​Kung Pao combination (consists of chicken chunks, beef slices and shrimps (spicy)) $7.95 or $10.95

​China Jo's Special (comes w/ shrimps, chicken chunks, beef , and vegetables in our house brown sauce) $10.95

                                   Beef & Pork main dishes

​                                                     all items are $6.25 for a pint or $9.25 for a quart

beef pepper steak

beef w/ broccoli

​Mongolian beef (spicy)

​Sweet & Sour Pork

​Szechuan style shredded pork (spicy)

beef Chop Suey or Chow Mein

beef w/ snow peas

​Moo Shu pork or beef

Jalapeno beef ( spicy)

​Mapo tofu (a chicken and tofu meal simmered in a spicy sauce)

                                         Vegetable dishes

tofu chop suey   $7.55

​sautéed vegetables     $4.55     $6.95

sautéed broccoli     $4.75     $6.95

Moo Shu vegetables     $4.95     $7.25

​home style string beans     $4.95     $7.25

​Szechuan style bean curd (tofu-spicy)     $5.35     $7.55

​Egg Foo Young     $4.95     $7.55

​steamed soy beans (edamame)     $4.55

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Saturdays & Sundays: 11am-9pm


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